Alternative Spring Break 2014- Baltimore

ASB- Baltimore 2013 at New Psalmist Baptist Church
How did you spend your Spring Break when you were in college? Don't worry, we're not judging if you can't remember (wink, wink). Some students choose to forgo beaches and bathing suits for a bigger cause. For the past 20 years, Howard University has offered the Alternative Spring Break (ASB) program. Each year, hundreds of students choose to volunteer their time in various cities during their break.

In recent years, ASB has added Baltimore to their list of cities. The participants will tackle the issue of gang violence. Students will be doing a variety of activities throughout the city. The Howard University Alumni Club of Baltimore appreciates all that ASB will be doing in order to combat this prominent issue amongst Baltimore youth. To show our appreciation, we will have a dinner welcoming them.

On Tuesday, March 11th at 7pm the ASB dinner will take place at New Psalmist Baptist Church. Bishop Walter S. Thomas is gracious enough to open the doors of his congregation to us. Bishop Thomas is a graduate of the Howard University School of Divinity.

We would love for you to join us for dinner! Consider this your formal invitation. It's a great chance to redeem yourself for those past Spring Breaks we promised we're not judging you for (just kidding, we're still not judging though).

BONUS: The club will sponsor a few current students who would like to come as well. So if you're a Howard student or alumni in the Baltimore area and would like to join us for dinner next week, email us at huacb1@hotmail.com. There are limited seats available.

For more information on Howard University's Alternative Spring Break, visit www.howard.edu/asb

For more information on New Psalmist Baptist Church, visit www.newpsalmist.org

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